Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Release Notes for Patent Marker V1.0.0.2

MaxVal’s Patent Marker (BETA) is an online portal for companies/users to mark their products with the corresponding patent numbers. This tool is populated with patent details (along with expiration dates and litigation details when available) identified from Orange Book and a few other devices.

In this versionV1.0.0.2 released Oct, 2012
The major enhancements include:    
Ø  Simplified patent table –with further bibliographic details accessible through a “+” icon 

o   Only important details like Filing Date, Issue Date, Expiration date along with Litigation and Assignment details are shown in the table.
o   Clicking the Expand (+) sign to the left of the patent number displays other bibliographic details such as applicant, application number, inventors, abstract, recent assignee & litigation details.
Ø  In the Product – Patent detail view page, “Product Name” is shown as heading for that page
Ø  In Add Product Page, while uploading bulk products, Proof Image upload is implemented. A new field “Proof Image” is included in the Bulk Product Upload template
Ø  “How to” Guide section updated to cover all available functions
Ø  Expiration calculation updated to include the term for design patents

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