Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yahoo! Sued over Messenger

Plaintiff: Pragmatus AV

Defendant: Yahoo!

Case Type: Infringement 

Case Number: 3:13-cv-01176

Date Filed: Mar 15, 2013

Court: California Northern District Court

Patents-in-suit: US7421470 and US7433921

Patent Number
Current Assignee[i]
Issue Date
Expiry Date[ii]
Sep 02, 2008
Oct 01, 2013
Method for real-time communication between plural users
Oct 07, 2008
Oct 01, 2013
System for real-time communication between plural users
Source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database

As per the complaint, Pragmatus claims that Yahoo! Messenger is in violation of ‘470 and ‘921 patents. The patents claim methods of implementing multimedia and collaborative capabilities, including desktop teleconferencing and multimedia mail communication and information sharing. 

The suits recently filed by plaintiff are 

Case Number
Research In Motion
ASUSTeK Computer
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