Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toshiba, Canatelo Settle Lawsuit

Canatelo  filed a lawsuit against Toshiba on Feb 2013 (3:13-cv-01086) asserting the claims covered in the US patents 7310111 and 6476858, both entitled ‘Video monitoring and security system’ and currently assigned[i] to Canatelo (source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database).

The '111 patent covers a process in which a video camera detects motion, and then turns the video signal frames into JPEG photo format once motion is detected. The '858 patent claims the use of a computer inside a video camera to send out a notification email with the captured image(s). The complaint stated that the infringing product, Toshiba IP Network Camera IK-WB30A performs a method of operating a video surveillance system as claimed in the above patents.

It appears that Canatelo requested voluntary dismissal on Apr 02 which was considered by the Court. In the final verdict, Judge ordered dismissal without prejudice of all the claims.

Suits were also filed against other video surveillance manufacturers Cisco, Pelco, Bosch, Samsung, Sony, and Cannon which are pending.

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