Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Android Mobile App – Patent Term Estimator

In order to make it easy to calculate patent expiration, MaxVal announces the release of a new Android app, Patent Term Estimator.  This app automatically calculates the term and expiration date for U.S. patents.  The results can be viewed instantly. 
The app allows you to determine if a patent is still in force by just following two simple steps.

Step 1: Enter the number of the patent you want to check
Step 2: Hit ‘Calculate’

The expiration date and remaining term are calculated and displayed along with the bibliographic information including patent number (hyperlinked to USPTO), title, publication, application number, applicant, inventor, priority details and abstract.  This app is simple, quick and easy to use and will help patent attorneys, paralegals, businesses or inventors with this task. 

Download the free app now in the Google Play Store.  This app is already available as a free online tool in our website.  Click here to view it online.

Another Useful App from MaxVal

Litigation Checker – Has This Patent Been Litigated? checks our Litigation Databank to verify if the patent has been involved in any litigation (US District courts, CAFC, ITC and Supreme Court cases).

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