Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MAX-IDS Now Incorporates Docketing Features

MaxVal announces the release of MAX-IDS V3.4 with new enhancements incorporating docketing and calendaring functions to our Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) and reference management suite.  

Among other time-tested features that automate IDS and reference management, the latest release now incorporates basic docketing and calendaring functions to track and create reminders for critical IDS activities.

 New Features in Max-IDS V3.4

      Automatically import and display prosecution activities and statuses from Private     PAIR*
       User can set customizable reminders based on the due dates for various activities
       Reminder emails can be sent with relevant subject line
       Each application homepage displays color coded upcoming activities.

       Combine IDS management and on-time task reminders
       Easily scalable to large patent portfolios
       Significant time savings by automating IDS functions.

*MAX-IDS is synchronized with MAX-PAIR, our tool that gathers application data using USPTO Private PAIR. For the docketing and calendaring function to take effect in MAX-IDS, this option must be enabled in MAX-PAIR.


MAX-IDS™, designed by patent practitioners, is used to manage references and generate IDS in EFS-ready format for filing with the USPTO. 


MAX-PAIR™ is an automated service that keeps you updated on the prosecution status of patent applications associated with your PKI certificate. 

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