Monday, August 5, 2013

Qualcomm Settles Lawsuits with Semcon and Chip Packaging Solutions

Qualcomm, a semiconductor company was sued by Semcon Tech and Chip Packaging Solutions for patent infringement. Both the cases are concluded with details as below:

Case Number: 1:12-cv-00251
Plaintiff: Semcon Tech
Defendant: Qualcomm
Case Filed: Mar 01, 2012
Case Closed: Jul 31, 2013
Court: Delaware District Court
Judge: Richard G. Andrews
Case Number: 8:13-cv-00482
Plaintiff: Chip Packaging Solutions
Defendant: Qualcomm
Case Filed: Mar 26, 2013
Case Closed: Jul 30, 2013
Court: California Central District Court
Judge: Andrew J. Guilford
Semcon Tech, a Texas-based company filed a patent infringement case against Qualcomm claiming that their patent was infringed. The patent involved in the case was US7156717 entitled ‘Situ finishing aid control’ was issued on Jan 02, 2007 and expiring* by Sep 20, 2021. The patent is currently assigned+ to Semcon Tech (source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database). Plaintiff alleged that defendant markets products incorporating semiconductor components made by a process claimed by the ‘717 patent and cites the ARM7 core-based integrated circuits as infringing products.

The parties have requested Court to dismiss claims and counterclaims as they have settled the case amongst themselves. Considering the request, Court ordered claims dismissed with prejudice and counterclaims dismissed without prejudice. Terms of settlement were not disclosed.
Chip Packaging Solutions (CPS) filed a patent infringement case against Qualcomm alleging infringement of a patent US5838072 entitled ‘Intrachip power distribution package and method for semiconductors having a supply node electrically interconnected with one or more intermediate nodes’. The patent was issued on Nov 17, 1998 and expires* on Feb 24, 2017. The patent is currently assigned+ to CPS (source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database). CPS alleged that defendant manufactures products and systems comprising semiconductor chip packages including Qualcomm MDM8220 Multi Chip Package Mobile Data Modem that embody the claims covered in the ‘072 patent.

The case is concluded as CPS filed a motion to dismiss the case and upon consideration the Court ordered dismissal with prejudice, with each party incurring their own costs.

For more details on the cases, see 1:12-cv-00251 and 8:13-cv-00482. To get alerts on cases filed/closed, subscribe to our Litigation Alerts.

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terms and expiration dates for U.S. utility patents.
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