Monday, November 4, 2013

MaxVal Introduces New User Role in MaxVal’s PAIR Alert

       MaxVal is happy to announce the release of an enhanced version of MaxVal’s PAIR Alert that now includes a new user role ‘Client Admin’.

       The new user role is designed to give clients control over a group of user accounts within the application. This role is optional and can be utilized to manage users distributed within an organization. The capabilities of this new role are:

  •  Create users (including another Client Admin user)
  •  Map user accounts to selected applications
  • View activity in user accounts
  • Manage user accounts by editing or deleting mapped applications
  • Generate user-specific reports

     About PAIR AlertTM
    PAIR AlertTM is a personalized email alert providing automatic updates on patent   applications that are of your interest. MaxVal’s PAIR Alerts provide prosecution and related family application filing updates for patent professionals and law firms. The data is sourced from Public PAIR/EPO Register/CIPO. The key feature of MaxVal’s PAIR Alert is providing access to latest prosecution and IFW updates with direct access to PDFs, in a convenient user-managed interface.

     MaxVal can help you track and monitor the patent activity of your interest more efficiently.  Sign up for MaxVal’s PAIR Alert Service now or click here for a 30-day free trial period. 

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About MaxVal

MaxVal, the patent process solutions company, has been helping clients maximize the value of their patents through continuous process innovation. We specialize in providing end-to-end patent related services, converting the entire gamut from patent filing to issuance and monetization.

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