Monday, November 11, 2013

Mosaid Technologies, Dell et al. Settle suit over Wi-Fi Patents

Case Filed: Mar 16, 2011

Case Closed: Nov 05, 2013

Judge:   Michael H. Schneider

Court: Texas Western District Court

Case Duration: 965 Days

Case Summary:

Mosaid develops semiconductor memory technology and licenses patented intellectual property in the areas of semiconductors, and wired and wireless communications systems. It accused about 25 companies of breaching their Wi-Fi patents including:
  • Dell
  • Research in Motion Corporation
  • Datalogic
  • Informatics Holdings
  • Venture Research
  • Asus Computer International
  • Lexmark International
  • Canon
  • Digi International
  • Intel
  • Marvell Semiconductor
  • Realtek Semiconductor and
  • Few others
In its complaint, Mosaid claimed that defendants infringed Mosaid's patents by making and selling products that comply with or implement the IEEE 802.11 family of communications standards, known as “Wi-Fi". The patents in suit are:

Patent Number
Current/Last Assignee+
Issue Date
Expiration Date*
Jan 31, 2006
Jan 06, 2018
Frequency division multiplexing system with selectable rate
Jul 14, 1992
Sep 06, 2010
Carrier detection for a wireless local area network
Sep 29, 1992
Sep 10, 2011
Radio LAN station with improved frame delimiter detection in a spread spectrum environment
Jun 06, 1995
Jun 06, 2012
Medium access protocol for wireless local area network
Jan 06, 1998
Mar 14, 2016
Multirate wireless data communication system
May 13, 2003
Jan 06, 2018
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system with selectable rate
Source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database.

Plaintiff wanted the Court to declare a judgment in favor against defendants besides a claim for damages.

The parties settled the case, as a result of which Datalogic and Digi International were dismissed from the case in the year 2011. Later, Mosaid filed an agreed motion to dismiss RIM, Murata Electronics, Sychip, pursuant to which the Court granted dismissal. All the other defendants including, Dell, Informatics, Wasp Barcode, Venture Research, Huawei, Futurewei, Wistron, SMS Infocomm, ASUSteK, Asus, Lexmark, Canon, Intel, Atheros, Marvell Semiconductor, Realtek, Ralink Technology, CSR  were dismissed from the case with/without prejudice.

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