Friday, January 31, 2014

Max-Insight: One-Stop Patent Tools Access

MaxVal announces the release of the new product Max-Insight, which is a collection of patent tools. Max-Insight enables you to conveniently access these tools in one location, which is efficient and saves time in managing patent related activities. Max-Insight includes the following tools designed for analyzing patent portfolios and performing administrative tasks relating to patents:

Patent Term Estimator
Patent Family Tree
USPTO Widget
IDS Generator
Claim Chart Generator
Claim Set Comparison Tool
Reference Annotator
Patent Maintenance Fee
Reference Picker
IFW File Splitter
Foreign Filing Fee Calculator
Has This Patent Been Litigated?
Patent PDF Extractor (OCR)

Max-Insight is available in 4 different subscriptions: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold with varying usage levels. To learn more about the subscriptions plans, click here.

MaxVal was founded in 2004 by a patent attorney to provide comprehensive intellectual property services covering the entire patent lifecycle. MaxVal is based out of Los Altos, USA and has offices in Coimbatore and Chennai in India. Our staff include patent attorneys, patent agents, software developers, domain specialists and database experts, and we pride ourselves in providing cost-efficient services to our clients.

With firsthand experience in innovation, IP management and monetization, as well as deep legal expertise, we offer invention analysis (including patentability), patent filing and prosecution in India, US and other countries (through our partners). 
To learn more about us, please visit or email us at

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