Friday, August 22, 2014

What Is The FIRST Thing NPEs Do When They Are Reassigned A Patent?

Today, Individuals or Companies are granted patents for their innovations filed (or “CLAIMED”?) that are likely to be followed an Infringement law-suit filed by a Non-Practicing Entity (NPE).

From July-September 2013, 67% of the NPEs asserted all patents from the lot they acquired.
Patent Assertion has become a common trend which has been challenging the existing patent law as well as the small businesses, particularly in U.S comparing to Europe or any other parts of the world. 

Did You Know? NPE is 4x more likely than an operating company (OC) to assert a reassigned patent.

Who are these NPEs and their targets? How likely they are to assert a patent after acquiring it? What is the buying pattern of the NPE?  Do NPE lots go unasserted?

To decipher these questions, MaxVal has leveraged the power of its Reassignment and Litigation Databank. Download full report here for free.

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