Sunday, March 10, 2013

LifePort and LifeScreen Sciences File Patent Suit against Cooks

Plaintiffs: LifePort Sciences and LifeScreen Sciences

Defendants: Cook Incorporated and Cook Medical Incorporated

A[V1]  patent infringement case (1:13-cv-00362) was filed on Mar 05 in the Delaware District Court. The patents involved in this suit are US6858034 (Stent delivery system for prevention of kinking, and method of loading and using same), US5681347 (Vena cava filter delivery system), US6383193 (Vena cava delivery system) and USRE42380 (Surgical Bypass Method[V2] ).

The ‘034 patent is currently assigned* to SciMed and ‘347 and ‘193 patents are currently assigned*[V3]  to LifeScreen Sciences. (Source: MaxVal’s Assignment Database). As per the complaint, LifePort is the exclusive licensee of the ‘034 and ‘380 patents.

The complaint says that the defendants manufacture medical devices including Zenith® endovascular graft products, various accessories for Zenith® such as Zenith Flex® and Zenith Fenestrated® that infringe the methods/processes claimed in the above mentioned patents.

Recent cases filed by LifePort
1:13-cv-00128 and 1:12-cv-01789 against Cook Inc.

Recent cases filed by LifeScreen

1:12-cv-01789 for Cordis
1:13-cv-00129 for C R Bard
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