Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Litigation Databank, Now Free for Academicians

MaxVal now offers students, professors, and academic researchers free access to the Patent Litigation Databank under MaxVal’s Scholar Program. Qualified scholars will have full access to the Databank including full search capabilities, document access, and daily email alert.   

To participate in our Scholar Program you should be currently affiliated with an institution of higher learning and have a valid “.edu” email address. 

Access to the Patent Litigation Databank under the Scholar Program is restricted to academic research only. Any commercial use, including any use in connection with the user’s employment, any internship or externship is prohibited.  Please refer to the User Agreement for more information.  

MaxVal would greatly appreciate any citation, acknowledgement and reference to MaxVal and MaxVal’s Patent Litigation Databank, if the Databank contributes to any publications, presentations, and the like. 

  •         Simple and fast information retrieval saves time
  •         Get updates by mail on litigation (filed and closed cases)
  •         Follow litigation case history of target patents
  •         Track court verdict details including awards
  •         Analysis with the data widely available in DB
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Litigation Databank
MaxVal’s Litigation Databank is a comprehensive repository containing almost all litigated cases relating to US patents. In addition to case details, complaints and docket reports are also incorporated into the database. This database enables users to proactively monitor and query whether patents of interest have been litigated; and gain analytical insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends, courts, etc. We also provide IP litigation alerts (filed and closed cases) and database updates to clients. Cases can be tagged as favorites.  Reports based on the companies/individuals identified as plaintiff/defendants, law firms, judge, case status etc. can be generated. It manages several other types of case related information as well.

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