Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maxval - First Android Mobile App Released!

February 05, 2013                                                                                               
 Maxval is proud to announce the release of a new Android mobile app Litigation Checker – Has This Patent Been Litigated? (V1.0.1)

In patent research, we often think over how to quickly and easily find if the patent is involved in litigation. Finally, there is the information, first of kind, that displays if the patent is litigated or not in just a click. 

This quick and efficient app can be useful for patent attorneys, businesses or paralegals. This app checks our Litigation Databank to verify if the patent has been involved in any litigation (US District courts, CAFC, ITC and Supreme Court cases). This app can now be downloaded for free @ Google Play Store. Click here to install this app to your mobile device.  The iOS version of this app will soon be released in iTunes App Store. 

This app is already available as a free online tool in our website. Click here to view online. 

About Maxval

Our mission is to collect, analyze and report patent related information. We provide these services using proprietary tools that we have developed and by using a global work force.

To access the complete range of our tools and services, visit www.maxval.com

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