Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MaxVal Announces Improved Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”)

For Release May 6, 2013
Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”)

MaxVal is excited to announce the release of the improved Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”). PFTG provides the user a visually appealing graphical output of the family relationships for any given patent. Given one patent number in a family, PFTG automatically identifies all the related applications and maps them along a timeline. This mapping also includes abandoned and unpublished applications that are identified from the priority details.

This enhanced version provides better visibility and clarity, even for large families (50 or more members). The print to PDF option is also now enabled with high resolution.

Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”)
PFTG extracts family details from various public sources such as USPTO, EPO, INPADOC, etc., and presents the information in a user friendly graphical format.The intelligence built into the tool automatically color codes the records by country and type and also  connects related patents based on priority details. Each node is populated with bibliographic details extracted from the public domain. Clicking on the patent will display the bibliographic details along with the current legal status (INPADOC).

The inclusion of legal status and extended family information also retrieves additional links, e.g., for divisional applications, continuations, continuations in part or national publications of first filings of PCT (international) applications, where the priority links are often missing. 
Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”) is an update driven by customer needs and feedback and is part of MaxVal’s commitment to provide value added and cost-effective solutions using continuous process innovations. Patent Family Tree Generator (“PFTG”) is available for immediate use at http://www.maxval.com/patent-tools-patent-family-tree.html.

Founded in 2005, MaxVal is the global leader in IP services and tools. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to serve the needs of all patent practitioners.

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